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St Gregory's Catholic Primary School


Advent wreath and Nativity fun

Advent Workshop with Mrs Wright

Celebrating Bonfire Night. We had lots of fun with messy paint and glitter, creating firework pictures, making chocolate apples and edible sparklers. We also worked hard and did some Bonfire Night writing and spelling.

Our class Baptism

Judaism Week

Loose part self portraits

Prayer Time. Today we introduced our prayer space and had our first whole class prayer time. Two children chose special items to go in the middle of our circle and we listened carefully to a prayer from our Bible. We also practised putting our hands together, closing our eyes and making the sign of the cross when we pray.

Restoration: A day of reflection. Mrs Wright came to visit us and helped us remember that Jesus is always with us, even when time are hard. We had fun learning new songs and prayers.

Feast of St Gregory. We talked about who St Gregory was and that our school is named after him before enjoying some tasty treats in celebration.