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St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

Wellbeing Wednesday

Activity 9 - Make a treasure map, hide some treasure and see if someone in your family can find it

Activity 8 - Create some pasta jewellery

Activity 6 - Make your own version of a banana split

Activity 5 - Say cheese! Head outside and take photos of things that make you happy.

Activity 4 - Head outside and enjoy a teddy bears picnic in the sun

Activity 3 - Build a den in your house or in your garden using household items.

Activity 2 - Make your own Playdough and see what models you can make

Activity 1 - Kindness Calendar

We want to continue our 'Wellbeing Wednesday' activities just like we do in school each week. This week see if you can create a kindness calendar for the month of May. Each day you can do something kind, just because! Obviously some of the ideas in the examples above won't work at home so feel free to use them as guide and add some of your own ideas too. Don't forget to send me photos of your finished calendars, I can't wait to see them.