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GDPR is a single set of rules aimed at protecting individuals with regard to the processing and free movement of personal data. It strengthens data protection safeguards, provides additional and stronger rights to individuals, increases transparency, and ensures that those that handle personal data are accountable.


Full details of GDPR at St Gregory's Catholic Primary School are published below:

Changes to Data Protection Law


You may be aware that the rules around data protection have changed. The 'General Data Protection Regulation' (GDPR) changed how we can use your personal data and keep it safe, and has also strengthened your rights over your own data.


The point of this is to make sure sensitive or private information about yourselves and your children stays safe. Whilst it is similar to the Data Protection Act in many ways, there are a few differences, so we have made a few changes at school in order to ensure we remain compliant.


One of these changes is that we have updated our privacy notice (see documents below).


As part of our work to comply with the GDPR, we are required to obtain parental consent for using photographs or videos of your child on our website, internal displays or other school materials etc, please see our multi purpose parental consent form below.  If you wish to change your parental consent at any time, please complete this form and return it to the school office.  If you wish to view your previous consent form, please contact the admin team.


If you have any questions about  GDPR you can contact the DPO, Veritau at 


Request for Information

This form can be used if you are making a request for information under any of the following:

*  General Data Protection Regulation/Data Protection Act 2018
*  Freedom of Information Act 2000


Applicants Details
Note - to assist the school with processing your request you must supply your name and your preferred method of contact - either an email address OR postal address.  If you are submitting a request for personal data about a person other than yourself under the General Data Protection Regulation/Data Protection Act 2018 please include full details in the message box below.


Information required

Please provide a full description of the information you require.


How would you like to receive the information?

*  By Email

*  In permanent electronic/paper format eg photocopies, CD

*  In an alternative format eg large print, other languages


Do I need to provide anything else?

When requesting information from the school you should provide your name, address and telephone number.  Also provide a full description of the information you require.  We will contact you if we need any further details or clarification.


School is legally obligated to verify your identity before any personal data is disclosed.  This is to prevent the unauthorised disclosure of information about data subjects (please refer to the Privacy and Data Protection Document below).   If further evidence of your identity, address, legal status or relationship to the data subject is required the Information Governance Team will contact you directly.


Further information


St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

Furness Road


CA14 3PD




Privacy Notice

Any personal information you provide on this form will be held and processed by St Gregory's Catholic Primary School for the purposes of administering and responding to your request.  This information will be held securely and will not be disclosed to other parties, without your permission.  The information which you provide will be destroyed in a secure manner when the retention period has expired.


By submitting this form you confirm the following:

*  you have read and understand the school's privacy notice(s)

*  the information provided is accurate

*  you have authority to request services on behalf of others, eg parent, guardian

*  you understand the school will use your data for the stated purposes.



Click 'send' if you agree to St Gregory's Catholic Primary School processing the data you have supplied in this form for the purpose stated above.

Subject Access Request Form

Subject Access Request Form

GDPR Information Posters