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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4


This academic year will be full of amazing and interesting activities which we cannot wait to get started! We are a class of 28 children with Mr M. Langstaff as the class teacher. We also have Miss G. Douglas Brown, Miss M. Carter and Miss Coles supporting us too. We hope you enjoy seeing all of the wonderful things we will be learning about.

Spring 1


Year 4 are currently reading Escape From Pompeii to describe the city during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Images to follow...


Our topic this term in Maths is Multiplication and Division. Year 4 will be learning how to use efficient calculation the written method of multiplication. Images to follow...



We will be exploring the Romans this half term. Year 4 will be researching who the Romans were, where they have conquered and investigating how successful each Roman Emperor was during their time in power. In addition, we also learn how the Romans changed Britain. Images to follow...


This term in science, Year 4 will be learning about different states of matter. We will formulate different hypothesises and test these through scientific experiments.

We have been testing different materials to see if they're a solid or liquid. It got a little messy!

We played a game today where we became particles in different states of matter.


Year 4 will be attending Workington Leisure Centre every Friday morning for swimming lessons. In addition, we will be keeping fit through Zumba! Dancing images to follow...



Running parallel with our History lessons, this term in Art, Year 4 will be designing their own Roman Shields! Images to follow...


Please find Year 4's termly plans below

Autumn 1 Normans

Autumn 2 London

Spring 1 Romans