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Who Shall be the Next King?

Year 4 have been hard at work researching the contenders for the Throne after the sad death of Edward the Confessor, who died childless, in turn meaning there was no heir to the through. The children then hard a court case to deem who was the most suitable candidate out of the following line up: William of Normandy, Harold Godwinson, Harald Hardrada, and Edgar Aethling. 

The Domesday Books

In Year 4, we have been studying William the Conqueror’s reign over England between the years of 1066 to 1087. We have found out that during William I’s reign, he requested his men to find out detailed information about the value of land and resources in England, this information was then compiled into the Domesday Book. William the Conqueror did this to find out who owned land and how much wealth each person had so he could tax them to raise the funds to defend his land.

After conducting research on the Domesday Book, we decided to make our own!