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St Gregory's Catholic Primary School Part of The Stella Maris Catholic Federation


Today we used our skills of counting back and counting on to help find the difference between two sets of objects. We used ice cream cones and pom-poms to demonstrate each child having a certain amount of ice cream scoops. We thought about what the word ‘difference’ meant and how we could find the difference between the two different ice creams. We discussed who had more and how we could find this out. We then recorded our own answers by looking at the differences in our own work.

In class we have been learning about part whole models. We have explored them in different ways and understand that a part whole diagram can be displayed in a variety of ways. We had fun using sweets to find the part number and whole number in the model. 
The children have been working on their one to one correspondence skills. We enjoyed various activities where the children needed to estimate whether they would have enough of an object to match it one to one.  They were able to solve challenges and some could even say how many more and less we would need. Great work Year 1.
This week we have been learning to count backwards from 10. The children were amazing at this and we had fun pretending we were rockets counting down to blast off. We made our own count down rockets and enjoyed various counting backwards activities around the class.