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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!



This is our last year in Primary and we will be aiming to fill it with fun, exciting learning opportunities which will prepare us for our secondary adventures.


Please keep an eye on our website to see what we have been doing.


Our year 6 team this year:


Miss Coid (Class teacher)

Mrs Rourke (Teaching Assistant) 

Miss Wilson (Teaching Assistant)

Take a look at what we learn about in Year 6.

In Year 6, we study some brilliant history, science and geography topics! 


We begin our year by looking at Revolution. We find out about super strict schools by travelling back in time to a Victorian classroom, ensuring we behave well as punishments are unquestionably terrible! We research ingenious inventors who created so many things that we take for granted today: the electric light bulb, the telephone and the first flushing toilet. We also look at the time when the industrial revolution began, Victoria was Queen and Albert was Prince Consort and when some people lived in slums while others prospered. 


Following our autumn term unit, we move on to study Blood Heart and explore our circulation system. We won't be squeamish as we dissect an animal heart and examine the veins, arteries and chambers up close. We will study the work of William Harvey, who was fascinated with anatomy, and made ground-breaking discoveries about valves. Most importantly, we find out how to keep your heart happy with cardiovascular exercise and healthy food and we may kickstart a campaign to spread the word about the damage caused to the lungs and heart by smoking. Hearts pound, flutter and maybe skip a beat. What makes your heart race? Is it a secret? Cross my heart, we won’t tell. 


Finally, in the summer term we begin to look at Our Changing World. We will revise the features of Earth, time zones and lines of latitude and longitude to pinpoint places on a map. We will find out more about and use map scales, grid references, contour lines and map symbols. We will also learn about climate change and the importance of global trade. As part of our fieldwork study, we will carry out investigation enquiries then analyse data patterns to find out about local road safety and local settlement patterns.

Reading is the key to unlock learning! Everyday is a reading day at St Gregory's. 


In the classroom, we do whole class reading sessions daily to develop our reading fluency, learn new vocabulary and comprehend the text. During this time, we dive deeply into a wide range of fantastic texts from a variety of genres and authors, many of which can be found in our school library if the children wish to read more! 


Fluent reading is essential for our children to access what is both an exciting and ambitious curriculum. Therefore, please encourage your child to read at home daily, this includes reading their banded reading book, their reading for pleasure library book or even have a book read to them! 


Please see below a link to the VIPERS question stems that can be used to support your child's understanding of the text they're reading. 


Homework in Year 6 

Homework in year 6 is used to retrieve prior knowledge and consolidate learning from that week in school. At the moment, homework is made up of three main parts: 

- reading 

- arithmetic 

- times tables 


As well as daily reading, your child should access Times Tables Rockstars daily as the age related expectation is to know the 1-12 times tables, up to 12x12, by the end of Year 4. The children have been set the tables they need to work on, on TTRS. 


Children have one week to complete homework. 


Year 6 children are tested on the KS2 statutory spellings in their end of Key Stage SATs tests in May. 


We teach the children how to spell these words by teaching common spelling rules. More information about these rules can be found in the Primary National Curriculum, which is linked below. 


Please see below the Year 3/4/5/6 statutory spelling lists and encourage your child to practise these spellings little and often. 

KS2 Statutory Spellings

Additional Information about our Curriculum 


The Primary National Curriculum

White Rose Maths

Times Tables Rockstars



Year 6 are doing handball in PE on Thursdays this term.