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Strive for Five


To encourage reading at St Gregory's, we aim to complete 'Strive for 5'. The children are encouraged to read 5 times at home every week to achieve a certificate and a half termly reward. This could be their reading book or their library book!

Home reading

Your child will bring home 2 books in their book bag:

1. A shared reader book- 


From week 1 in Reception your child will bring home a reading book in their book bag. The expectation is that you read this daily with your child and record it in their reading record. These books will be changed every Thursday, where we will check to see if your child has earned their Strive for Five that week!


Your child will firstly bring home books with no words in and will tell you a story based on the pictures they can see. When they begin to retain sounds they will bring home books that contain the sounds that they know. Then your child will be able to say the sounds they can see and blend them together to make words


2. A library book-


Your child will have the opportunity to visit our school library once a week. Whilst in the library the children listen to a story and then get to choose a book that they will take home. This book is for reading for pleasure. You should read this story aloud to your child. A good time to do this would be each night before bed. This book will be changed on a Friday.