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St Gregory's Catholic Primary School Part of The Stella Maris Catholic Federation

Who's Who

Executive Headteacher

Ian Nevitt


Head of School

Laura McAllister



Inclusion Lead Team

Lucie Thornthwaite (SENCO & Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Becky Burr (ELSA)

Ellie Wilson (ELSA)


Early Years Team

Taylor Straughton (Early Years Lead & Reception Teacher)

Claire Green

Aimee Graham

Stacy Stanbury

Kate Hampson (Two Year Olds)

Shannon Williams (Two Year Olds)



Key Stage 1 Team

Danielle Coles (Year 1 Teacher)

Robyn Booth (Year 1 Teacher)

Ryan O'Connor (Year 2 Teacher)

Steph Norendal (Year 1)

Hannah Shimmings (Year 2)

Gemma Mitchell (Year 1 & Year 2)


Key Stage 2 Team

Jayda Feeney (Year 3 Teacher)

Shauna Dunn (Year 4 Teacher)

Susan Brown (Year 5 Teacher)

Chloe Coid (Year 6 Teacher)

Lyndsey Cockton (Year 3)

Hanna Swinburne (Year 4)

Julie Carruthers (Year 5)

Tina Rourke (Year 6)

Ellie Wilson (Year 6)